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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 30 - Oh My - what is my favorite scale.

I am frequently asked what is my favorite project and what is my favorite scale.  I am just fickle enough to generally respond that my favorite is the one I'm currently working on.   Well, that is not entirely true.   I started off on 1/12 scale and loved it and still love it.   It just takes up so much room.   My first quarter scale project led me to believe I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.   Well, so much for those words.   I have known some really good miniaturists and the first person that I ran into that did quarter scale was my friend Betty in Leavenworth KS and she was and is fantastic.   She was an inspiration but still not enough to make me jump ship.   I also had not run out of room. 
Then after years of working on 1/12 scale in Key West, I met Melody in Marathon FL and she had taken quarter scale to a whole new level.   Very talented and I doubt if she ever made something that didn't expand on the project.   She always added something to make her projects uniquely her own.   I took one little house that had lingered on a shelf for years and she immediately critiqued it and told me to add, mirrors, books, food, accessories of all types and presto change - I had a project I liked.
After seeing her incredible collection, I ordered a few projects that were nearly stand alone projects and made those.   After breaking a few pieces and re gluing lots of things, I finally had completed 3 more projects that were quite nice.   I was very proud of them.   She also told me about several miniature groups that dealt with QS exclusively and after sitting on the side lines I purchased some kits.   I was off and running. 
Now after doing years of 1/12 scale and about 3 or 4  years of pretty steady QS, I love them both.   
I like kits, but I like kits that allow me to add a lot of my own finishing touches.  
Here are some of the examples of how the same theme looks in two different scales.
Cocolate Shop - Done at Fun Day in Lakeland FL. 1/12 scale

Chocolate shop in a cocoa container in QS

Chocolate shop in baseball case QS
Love all 3 chocolate shops in each scale.  
They all are quite lovely, they all allow me the option of making them my own.
Antique Shop in Quarter Scale.  I absolutely love it. 
 The antique shop I recently updated, in 1/12 scale.   Love it too. 
I guess I am back to square one - I can't pick my favorite project or my favorite scale.  I LOVE BOTH!

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