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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 16 - Attic Treasures

Attics can be a godsend or a nightmare.   It started out as a nightmare and ended up quite full and rather interesting.  The following picture is of the attic on the right and the guest room on the left.   NIGHTMARE!!!   Could you even tell which was which if I didn't tell you, probably not.  My little dollhouse residents are hoarders.   Let's scale them back to being collectors. 

 The following shot is an overall view of the attic.   It is at least organized.   Sport items, used furniture needing repairs, a whole couch full of stored items.   Corner full of Christmas items.   The dollhouse's theme is Christmas wedding, but they don't want all their stuff out until after the ceremony.   And the light still works! 

The little kids have found an old mattress and have found a bunch of old games and they just want to stay out of the way during this hectic time.   They are away from the room just now, but looking forward to coming back.   Note the crutches - hopefully they won't be needed again, but the kids love trying to walk with them.  

 Well, if you have a cat, you need a cat litter box and more litter.   Not pleasant but absolutely necessary!
 A slightly different angle.   Shelves are almost full, golf clubs, and crochet set in the background.   A used aquarium stacked on the sled.   Lots of memories.   Lots of junk.   Maybe we should have a yard sale?????

Still a lot of stuff, but now I know what's there.    Wish my house in real life was so organized. 
See you tomorrow.   



Fabiola said...

There are many treasures here!
Greetings, Faby

Drora's minimundo said...

Attics and second-hand shops are ideal for all the items that we keep hidden away in boxes. Your attic is
Hugs, Drora