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Thursday, October 24, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 24 - Containers

One of the worst problems I have with my miniatures in Key West is the dust.   Dust destroys the project so I try to find a satisfactory cover for my projects.   As I do lots of projects, I need lots of containers.   Of course, one of the option is to go to a miniature store and buy a container that is sealed.   

This container is a sports container that is designed to display basket balls.   I get them in lots of 4 from Pioneer Plastics.   The first picture has the cover on and the 2nd doesn't.   Doesn't distract your view and keeps the project dust free.    Only flaw I can see is you can only use one wall.    I generally use a double sided scrapbook paper or bond two pieces together so you see a finished side. 

 Sport boxes work for small scenes (Quarter Scale).   Most kits that are produced generally come with a container. 
The following QS Chocolate shop fits in a plastic container designed to display baseballs.   Fits like a glove.   - No Dust!
 The following diner is set in a plastic container designed to display collectible cars.  
Now we probably all know you can get really good display cases for footballs.   They can sometimes be found on sale at Michael's or you can use your coupon.   The Art Deco house below is in a case designed for displaying Footballs.  Great case - dust free environment.    Now if you can't find a coupon or can't find it on sale, go to the next display. 
 This 1800 Saloon is displayed in an aquarium.   It is covered with a piece of Plexiglas - also dust proof - probably more readily available and fairly cheap.   They also come in many - MANY sizes.   The smallest ones I use are 1 1/2 gallon.   I also have gone as large as 10 gallons.    They also stack!   More room for minis!!!!
Domes - we all love domes.  
Two sizes.  Another item that you can generally find on sale at Michael's or Hobby Lobby or use those coupons.
Or Make your own.   This is a jelly container, a candle holder base that came with a used-up candle and a clear knob that was epoxied onto the top.   Great display for smaller minis and CHEAP.  

I have found these little plastic paint cans in many places, including my own Ben Franklin.   They come in at least two sizes, quart and gallon.   Keep the dust off, light weight and easy to add a light at the top if you want. 
Art Studio below is lighted.
Toy store - unlighted.   Either way this container works. 
Yard sales are a great place for containers but you must be prepared to view them with a new use in mind. 
This piece was a little display cabinet.   One thing I liked about this container is the blank space at the bottom which holds a 9-volt battery for the lights. 
 With the door closed.   Great little shop with living area above.   Also dust free.  
Explore containers - you will be able to find lots of alternatives. 

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