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Sunday, October 13, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 13 - A promise fulfilled. Doll House Clean Up

Last year on the last day of October I posted a tease and never did I think it would take me a year to come forth with my promise.   I posted some miserable pictures of my doll house.   It looked like it had been whirled around in a tornado and dropped hard.  
I really thought I would jump right to it and I found I didn't have the heart to start tearing into it.    I made this dollhouse some 23-25 years ago.   I knew it needed it lots of tender loving care.
I have a friend who asked me why I didn't just part with the dollhouse since I had so many other projects.   Well, I don't part with things easily and the dollhouse was  gift from my husband.   It took months to get it together and it was the first project that I wired.   My son was a child then and he helped me with placing some of the items in the house (little hands work better than larger hands).   One of the pictures that always come to mind when I think of this dollhouse is walking down my hallway and seeing my son and two of his little friends (Joey & Bobby) all sitting in front of my dollhouse and I heard my son tell them - you can look, but you can't touch because this is my mom's doll house.   How could I part with this dollhouse.  
Here's the dollhouse, before. 
 Here's the bathroom before.  You can see the gap in the wall and everything is jumbled up. 

Well, the wall is fixed.   Everything is cleaned and put upright.   The surprise I found was the wiring, now about 25 years old and a survivor of Hurricane Wilma still worked.   I do believe I am a firm believer in copper tape wire.  
 I added a rack next to the sink with robe, towels and other bath accessories.   I filled the wicker rack with toiletries, towels and cleaning items. 
 Dog likes this spot for it's food dish.   Besides, likes being around the girl.   The little girl is a McDonald's toy with towel wrapped around her body and her head.   She's getting ready for her wedding.   The fern adds a little life.  
Come back tomorrow and explore the sun porch.  


Steinworks said...

how cool, I can't wait to see the sun porch :)

Crystal said...

The story of your son and his friends looking at the dollhouse brought a huge smile to my face :)