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Friday, October 4, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 4 - Consignment shop revisited

I have always loved consignment shops, flea markets, antique shops etc.   I still love them and frequent them at all opportunities.    Much earlier, I did a consignment shop.  I loved it and thought it was good.   There was something missing and I have taken time to fix that.   The original post is HERE 

Here is it this morning:  

I still like it.   A couple items needed to be glued.  The humidity in Florida plays havoc on my minis.   I have a lot of mini purses that needed to be displayed.   I had a coat rack that was not being used.   I drilled holes thru it and used those fancy toothpicks to make more poles to hang purses on.   When done and glue had dried, I painted black. 

Here is the stand with lots of great purses.   I know I would buy one or two or .....

 I also added a red & white purse with gloves and blue purse with gloves to the counter.   I expect the customer trying on the blue shoes will buy the blue purse and gloves.  
Don't hesitate to add to a miniature scene.   It helps keep them current and gives you an opportunity to enjoy new acquisitions.

Come back tomorrow.     I love my followers!!11


Fabiola said...

Your shop is fantastic! I like everything.

The grandmommy said...

Your shop is great! I could see my dolls shopping there and coming back with bags full! :-)

Steinworks said...

I was debating as to if I should or shouldn't add to my roombox but I think I will now thanks to you :)