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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Consignment Shops - I love them!!!

I love consignment shops. I am always amazed at what you can find and the ever changing environment of consignment shops. I have been doing swaps for a long time and had a collection of clothing. Thought about doing a mini closet, but couldn't warm up to that idea and then it came to me. How about a mini consignment shop. Enjoy.


Ascension said...

Tuviste una idea genial!!!
La tienda es preciosa, llena de detalles maravillosos, enhorabuena!!
besitos ascension

Sewconsult said...

Thanks for emailing about your son being deployed from Ft Campbell. I hope his tour of duty is a safe one. I have a nephew there, too. Clarksville is finally getting some relief from the flood damage, but it will be a year or more before things can be back to "normal". My 90 yr old mother is still in town, so I am in Clarksville quite often. It will always be home for me.
By the way, I love Raggedys also!

Linda said...

I love it! I would definitely shop there. :)

miniaturista said...

Veo que tienes mucho calzado, quizá cualquier día encontremos en tu blog una zapateria.
Un abrazo