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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 1 - When is Done, actually Done? Farmer's Market

In 2008 I posted about a Farmer's Market Stand.   One I love the theme and two, I love farmer's markets in real life.   Recently I participated in two Market Stall swaps.   One with a Yahoo Group and one I hosted as Swap Coordinator with the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.   You can see that original  post Here    That project looked complete, but look at it now.

 When I have a completed scene, and find additional things for that scene, I will generally put them on top of the scene.   You can see several packages on top of the clear box.
The box looks okay,but the poor farmer is having a hard time staying on his feet.

 The Ziploc bag contains the things from the Yahoo group and the loose items are from the NAME swap.   There are a lot of things to be added. 
The most visible addition is the banner at the top.   I'm sure that will draw people to the stand.  

In this picture you can find pickle barrel and olive barrel, 3 pints of fruit, honey glass jar and basket full of honey pots, metal container full of egg plants, cucumber crate, banana crate, plant arrangement, and crate of mixed veggies. 

 Another view of some of the additions.   You can also see in this angle a bushel of applies and an empty flower pot. 
 On the top shelf are two empty fruit containers and a container of seeds for next year's garden. 

 Close to the farmer is a basket of Free Kittens.  Aren't they cute - I'm sure they will have new homes by the end of the day. 
 The back of the stand has a pumpkin arrangement of 3 pumpkins, two apple crates and a barrel of Florida oranges. 
 Once the fruit was added, a big blank wall had to be addressed.   Signs and room for more signs. 
The scene is clean and neatly arranged.   The Farmer is standing.   I know it's a stand that I would stop for, how about you?     Did you count the number of new additions??   Over two dozen items added.   Still room for my little people to get up to the Farmer to buy some of the goodies.  

Did I add everything in the Ziploc and the tub?   No - still another project in mind.  

Happy Farmer's Market Days!  


HeatherG said...

Great post - and it looks like a fun project!

Fabiola said...

It's a beutiful project. I like your stall.

FabShabbyRoses said...

This little scene is adorable! I love the additions you made to it.

Crystal said...

Love it. I've always wanted to make a market stall. One day.....