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Thursday, October 3, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 3 - Additions to the Dome House

In May I posted about the finished Victorian Dome House by Sharon Goldsmith.  You can see that original post HERE    I absolutely love that house and was quite pleased with it.   However, there were a few blanks in the house that I thought needed to be filled.    They are now filled.  
The bedroom is a very dynamic statement.   It didn't need much, but it did need something.   I found this great picture of flags flying.   I believe that is all the wall needs.   It is a very cute picture and appropriate for the room.    I also added a Corgi.   I have 2 Corgis and 1 Jack Russell in real life, so a 2nd Corgi is perfectly suitable.   Do you know where the other Corgi is located?

The roof was empty.   I've tried a picnic table and an umbrella table with benches and didn't like any of those.   I thought this great chair with a book was all that was needed to show that it would be a favorite spot to relax and get a few sun rays.    Do you know where this chair came from - hint - if you are familiar with Quarter Connection, you will know. 

I love the men's pool room.   However I finally decided it needed a little booze and some snacks.    The table is large, but men would need this room.   The bottles are 1/2 scale (the house is 1/4 scale) but I believe it looks right.  A tray of cheese and crackers with a flower arrangement on the table, make it looks finished.   I wonder who will win the pool game. 
 I thought the kitchen was pretty good, but there was a blank above the stove that was driving me crazy.   I like the little shelf.   Now I am on the lookout for a collection of copper pots and bowls for the top of the row of cabinets.  

The entrance was nice.   I tried several chairs next to the door and they all looked out of place.   This nice plant on a plant stand was the perfect addition.  
I believe you can continually have your miniatures growing to reflect a continued love.   You keep adding things in your real life house, you should consider it in your miniature world.


The grandmommy said...

I love all of your doors. Not just the ordinary. I think it is interesting the men's pool room has a flowered table cloth.

Raggedy Kingdom said...

Typical of most rooms - women decorate them, men inhabit them. I am ever so glad that you are looking at my blog that closely. I went back and looked at it closer - still like the floral.

Fabiola said...

It's a nice house.