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Friday, October 25, 2013

National Dollhoue Miniature Month - Day 25 - Swap

If you have been following my postings this month - you must know that I do tons of miniatures.   Well the cost would be prohibitive if I didn't do something to acquire lots of 'stash' without spending too much money.   There are several types of swaps that I participate in.   Some are one-on-one and you swap with just a person individually, some are monthly where you mail your swaps to generally 11 other people one month of the year and sit back and receive swaps the other months.  There are lots of monthly swaps where you have a choice what themes you participate in and  you get 10 items for that theme.     Lots of exchanges with virtual conventions, fun days and other events.    Lots of scales to participate in.
I get forgetful sometimes and do a whole batch of swaps and never take a picture of them.   But I thought of those that I have taken the time to take a picture, I would share some of the things I've made since last October's National Dollhouse Miniature Month.
Perfume for table gifts for Lakeland Fun Day.

 Tablescape for monthly swap.

 QS box of books, xylophone, drum for Attic Swap.

 QS bulletin board for sewing swap.
 Box of items for Garage swap
 QS bowls of Spaghetti and loaves of bread.
Plate shelf for Raggedy Ann
 QS Rugs
 1/12 and QS Pumpkins for autumn and market stall swaps.
 QS Luggage for Virtual Convention and monthly swap.
 Plate of cookies
 Tins of Egg Plants
Egg plants 
 Filled Hanger swap
 QS Fire Pits for Summer entertaining.
QS and 1/12 scale fire pits for summer entertaining. 
 1/12 scale fire pits.
 Buckets of grapes
I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of everything, but you can see that I do a lot of swaps.   I absolutely love the process.  
When swapping, ALWAYS make a couple of extras for your own projects or for gifting others.   You'll be glad you did.!!!


Steinworks said...

thanks for the tip :)

Kristen/Kris/Penny Doll said...

Where do you find info for the swaps? When i look i only find info for past swaps. I actually made a fb page for swapping. So far only 7 ppl. But I'd love to do more like you do. Thanks for any info...