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Thursday, October 15, 2015

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day15- Let's Make a Skirted Table.

Things have changed a bit this year.   I am barely into finishing up my 3rd project this year and I have one incredibly sick Jack Russell.   He went within 10 days from trouble walking to not walking at all.   He has had 2 blood tests, an MRI and a spinal tap.   Still don't know what is causing it but 3 doctors are assuming an infection.   Hopefully we can clear that up.   So I can still post every day, I thought I would reprint some tutorials.   Hope you enjoy them.   When Benny is better, I will get back to finishing projects.  

 I love, really really love skirted tables.   Real life size and miniature sizes.   These are 1/12 scale.  When I make them, I make up several.   They are great for lots of rooms and are great next to a bed.   

What do you need.   A top of a spray can, tacky glue, fabric, iron on fabric liner, and at least 8 clips.  

 Cut a 1 inch strip of fabric, about an inch wide, and put glue around outside of lid and on the inside and glue the 1 inch strip to the plastic lid (this will make everything else so much easier and give you a much better finished project)
 Once attached, clip it down and let dry.  
 Measure your lid.   This one is 6 1/2 inches across the top   
 Cut out a circle of fabric that has been attached to the iron on fabric liner.   (A compass will give you a good circle or you might have a plate or bowl that matches the diameter you need).  
 Clip circle to the lid and make sure it meets at the base on all sides.   Only clip 3 sides and glue the other.   
 Glue all 4 points on the lid.  

 Then glue 4 more between the first 4 that you glued.  You will now have 8 clips on your table base.  Let dry (please don't rush this phase).  
 When dry, take off cllips.  
 Really flared.   You could stop at this phase, but I like it a bit more tailored.   
 Glue the spaces between the first 8 places and clip each of those.   It works a bit better if you kinda hand space these before you apply the glue to get the folds even.    LET DRY.  
 The next two pictures shows you how to place the clips - Kinda around the fold without crushing the fold.  

 This also works with one prong outside the fold and one inside.  
 You have successfully finished your skirted table.  
 Don't you wish you had made several!

Here's a 2nd hint.    A lot of round tables are covered in glass tops. If you want to do several tablescapes (a table set for each holiday), put them on a round of clear plastic then you can change your settings for the seasons or occasions.    



FabShabbyRoses said...

I love skirted tables too! Great tute!

Barb M. said...

Thanks for the tuit! Wonderful tips and tricks and I especially like the idea for the different table toppings!

Linda said...

What a great tutorial! Thanks!

The grandmommy said...

They remind me of tables in a very classy restaurant. :-) Thanks!