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Saturday, October 3, 2015

National Dollhouse Minature Month - Day 3 - Changing the background

After getting the Enchanted Child cleaned yesterday I was set for some real progress.   Behind the display cabinet was supposed to be this cute little scene.   Well, that was one of the items that I didn't like and that stalled this project.   It is lovely, just not to my taste.   Besides I do like to make things look like me. and not someone else's idea of what would be right.   After turning it every way but lose, I decided to use the leftover fabric and paper the back wall. 

 Absolutely lovely fabric.   I really liked it and had enough so it would line up with the already papered wall. 

Turned the box on it's back and papered the back wall.   I believe it was  good decision. 

Decided to paint the interior ceiling.   The yellow will reflect light and it looks good with the display shelf which is yellow.   It, of course, took 2 coats.  

Decided the room would be better lighted and I am trying lights.   Decided this one would be good and I had to cut a 1 inch hole in the ceiling to hold it.  

Added the trim to the display shelf.  

Had to cut the door down - it didn't fit the opening.  Also had to put Plexiglas on the back to keep the dust and bugs out. 

Okay - lots of gluing, painting and waiting for glue and paint to dry.   These incredible boxes don't make themselves. 

Hope to see you tomorrow. 

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