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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 14 - Tutorial for QS Spaghetti

Things have changed a bit this year.   I am barely into finishing up my 3rd project this year and I have one incredibly sick Jack Russell.   He went within 10 days from trouble walking to not walking at all.   He has had 2 blood tests, an MRI and a spinal tap.   Still don't know what is causing it but 3 doctors are assuming an infection.   Hopefully we can clear that up.   So I can still post every day, I thought I would reprint some tutorials.   Hope you enjoy them.   When Benny is better, I will get back to finishing projects.  

Making quarter scale food has always been difficult for me ( it comes out too large) but I have come up with some things that work for me.   One is a table set with a serving bowl full of spaghetti, a loaf of Italian Bread and a container of Parmesan cheese.   All done in quarter scale.   I will give you instructions for making the spaghetti.
You will need glue (Tacky works well), thread in either white, ecru, off white or beige, wire, wire clippers, bead caps and a tomato red paint.   Remember, spaghetti really isn't pure white. 
 Find your spaghetti holder - bead caps work well.   Remember you are working in quarter scale and even a rather large serving bowl won't be too big.   I find a family style serving bowl to work the best. 

 Double stick the bead caps to your work surface.  
 Cut a length of thread about 9 inches long.   Gather it up like you were gathering a piece of lint off your clothing.  

 Glue the thread in the bowl and keep pushing it in the container with a toothpick.  You don't want the spaghetti falling out of the bowl.  

 Cut a length  of wire less than a quarter inch long.   Glue it in the midst of the thread to look like a serving spoon. 

 Fill all your containers.   Make several, you will have lots of usages for them. 

 The spaghetti on the right is with just the paint tapped on with a toothpick.   The spaghetti on the  left has had a bit (tiny bit) of burnt umber in the red to tone it down.  Make the sauce to resemble your favorite sauce.   I add just a tiny bit of burnt umber to mine.  You can add little flakes of grated Fimo clay if you want it to look like meat has been added.  However, remember it is quarter scale and it looks great without the flakes. 

 Now I have 8 bowls ready for various scenes. 

The above piece of plastic has the 8 bowls double stick taped to it so they won't get lost and they will stay better. 
Happy Eating!. . 

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Drora's minimundo said...

Thank you for sharing your spaghetti tutorial. Simple and wit wonderful results.
Hugs, Drora