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Friday, October 16, 2015

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 16, Let's make some grapes Tutorial 1/12 scale

Things have changed a bit this year.   I am barely into finishing up my 3rd project this year and I have one incredibly sick Jack Russell.   He went within 10 days from trouble walking to not walking at all.   He has had 2 blood tests, an MRI and a spinal tap.   Still don't know what is causing it but 3 doctors are assuming an infection.   Hopefully we can clear that up.   So I can still post every day, I thought I would reprint some tutorials.   Hope you enjoy them.   When Benny is better, I will get back to finishing projects.  

Some time ago I posted a fall harvest.  .   It has a crate of grapes at the side yard and I wanted you to know how I make grapes.    Lots of people use polymer clay - I don't have nearly enough patience to do that.   I will show you a great way that is quick, easy and cheap.   


Here is what you need for grapes:

You will need a good glue (Tacky works great), dried grape stems, glass paint (remember grapes are white, red, blue, purple, black).   The paint I used was Gallery Glass window color in Berry Red by Plaid.   This paint is translucent and makes for the real grape look.   Oh yes - you need the grape - it's mustard seeds.   Look in the spice section and fine whole mustard seed.

Put a little glue and a pile of mustard seeds in a container.   A tablespoon of mustard seeds will make a lot of grapes.   At the top of the  picture is one little piece of dried grape stem covered in glue.  

Roll the glue covered stem in mustard seeds and let dry.  LET DRY!!!    You can also clump at the end of a toothpick if you are making lots of grape bunches to pile in a basket.

Put two coats of gallery glass on them.     Arrange in crate, tray, etc.

I hope you enjoyed the easy way to make grapes.   If you were following from last year, but if you're new, you might enjoy the tip.   If you haven't tried it from last year, now's the time.  


Steinworks said...

I used the polymer clay method and after that I never wanted to see another grape again LOL thanks for the cheap and easy way :)

Raggedy Kingdom said...

Itis so quick and easy. Happy grape making

Rosamargarita said...

Gracias por las instrucciones, las uvas quedan perfectas!
Un abrazo
GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

Crystal said...

Sheila, that is absoluetly fantastic....They look so real in comparison to some polymer clay ones. You rock.

Raggedy Kingdom said...

Thanks Crystal. They are so easy.