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Sunday, October 4, 2015

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 4 - Signage

Well, day 4 of the month - day 3 of working on The Enchanted Child.   I needed to tidy up the exterior.   Some of the wallpaper had gotten a little messy.   The store sign wasn't on.   I don't like the groved columns that they wanted you to use so I had to decide just what I wanted to do.  

Had to reglue the window.   Assemble the door and glue in.   Glue display cabinet to the wall.   Still needs a little work but will see if it makes a difference once things are displayed.
 Look at the loose edges on the side with the wallpaper pulling away.   Exterior wall trimmed and reglued.    Just wanted the black trim.   Staircase put in - door assembed and installed (now need a door knob).

 The top one is the one as it finally turned out.   The lower one was done according to the directions but I thought it looked a bit blah.   The 3 dimension round child looks better against a darker background.    
Come back tomorrow and you will see it starting to be furnished and filled with merchandise.

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