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Sunday, October 11, 2015

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 11 - Swap in Quarter Scale

This was a little bit of an issue this year   I generally had a cancellation or two but this year, nearly all the cancellations were in quarter scale.   The rules are you send 10 swaps and you get 10 swaps back (including some of your own if we don't fill the 10 slots).   Going into these swaps I was certain I had them both filled.   Best laid plans....

This is the total collection.  When I got to sorting them all out, I decided I had to make two more swap items so everyone wouldn't get too many of their own items back. 

We got a great little red lamp, a gift bag and a Raggedy Ann book.    The others are from me. 

I made a bunch of books.   Love books in miniature settings; fill up empty spaces with them. 

My original swap was a clock and two rugs in various sizes.  

You can't have a birthday celebration without gifts.   I made gift bags and two wrapped presents. 
 Another picture of the swaps from other participants.

I was a bit disappointed with the small number of participants, but everyone seemed happy with their swaps.   Come back tomorrow and see the next miniature project that I am going to complete.  

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