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Monday, October 19, 2015

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 19 - scale, scale scale.

I thought I would be back to finishing my Moroccan Scene.   Dog is still bad and will be boarded at a veteninary hospital this week.   Some signs of improvement but not a lot.   Still happy eyes and is not in pain.   Kicking his legs, but still not standing.   Keep positive thoughts.     

Thought in the interim I would repost some of my favorite blogs.   Still hoping before the end of the month to finish my 3rd project; my original intention. 
For years, I only did 1/12 scale (1 inch equals 1 foot).   I swore off even thinking about quarter scale (1/4 inch equals 1 foot) because I thought it would be impossible to work on something that small.

Well the first few attempts didn't really change my mind.   It was tough.  I dropped things, I broke things, I couldn't get them small enough and on and on and on.   After a short while, I decided I liked it.   I could have so many more projects in a lot less room.   I still love both scales and somethings really look better in a larger scale, but I adore quarter scale too.

I still have a lot of problem when making food.   Most of my hamburgers would be 12 inches wide when they should be about half that.   Oh well, I love challenges.

Now so you can see the difference, I will put pictures of some of my favorite pieces.   

 What you see here are full size beds, skirted tables, hutches in both scales.    
 The little bed and table are on top of the 1/12 scale table.  
 Hutches in two sizes.

Little hutch, little bed and table on top of 1/12 scale hutch.  (See I told you that you could have more things in quarter scale).  

What scale do you like best????

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