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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 6 - the Garden Shop.

I am so very happy that The Enchanted Child is done.   I am really happy with it.   Rearranged some mini settings in my TV room and now I have a place to display the shop.  

I decided I would do the garden shop.   I didn't particularly like the theme when I signed up for the workshop.   I loved the building and had been very anxious to take a class from Fred Cobb.   When I got the shop done, it kinda stayed on a shelf for a very long time.  (18 months+).   I posted it on my blog and got several new ideas.   I happened to like my sister's idea the best.  How about a shop to build doll houses.   I might expand on that idea a bit to make a craft shed, don't know yet. 

Didn't like the roof at all - not at all   Took one side off and re glued it to the other side and I will do one side in Plexiglas or mostly Plexiglas.  Don't know for sure yet.

However, here comes the next project.   Stay with me for a few days and see how it develops.  
The roof was too open.  It already has the light installed and I do like that feature. 

Love the barn type doors.  Lovely to look at, difficult to do in miniature!!!!

Lots of wall space. 
Will be excited on how this turns out!   See you tomorrow.  

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