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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 7 - let's paint a little dollhouse

I've decided to make it Sheila's shed.   It will have dollhouses and paintings, plus a nice little couch to take a break and think up other projects.  
Somewhere in my house are two little finished dollhouses and I can't find them, although I have made quite an effort.   So, I will use a couple plastic ones and a wooden one that I built years ago.    They needed a little work.   I painted the wooden one kinda a beige yellow and the plastic ones were okay but I decided their rooves  should be different.   One was stained and the other painted.   Now this wasn't a big job but for some reason it took quite a bit of time; including the time to look for the other two.   They are quite a bit smaller so when (and if) I find them, I will add them.   I also found a dollhouse with box that is in a sorry state of building and I thought it would be the one that needed the most work; so it's on the work table.  

I think they look really cute.   Next post will be the arranging of the items.   It should be fun.  Come back for a visit.  
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