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Saturday, October 8, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 8 - Diner - will it ever be done?

The first time I posted about this diner it was in October 2011.   You can see it FIRST VISIT TO DINER

This is one picture of the diner when it first appeared in my blog.   I loved it.   If you read the blog you will note that my husband's comment was that the diner would go broke because they only had 2 customers.   Oops - he's probably right.

The second time you see the diner is about a year later in 2012.     You can see the whole article Let's visit the diner again

Well, here is the update.   I added things to the wall behind the counter.   Added a customer and a waitress.   I thought I was finished.

Well guess what.   Not done.   Participated in a swap for a diner and I need to make a few additions.  

Come back tomorrow to see the newest additions.

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