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Monday, October 31, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 31 - The Tease is Finished!!!

On October 4th, I posted about a customer of my husband wanted a Hunter's Den.   This is (about) finished.   There are a few pieces that I am looking for that will probably be added.    This was difficult because I couldn't find a wild boar and doing something for someone else is tricky because you can't read their mind in what they are thinking.   I did talk to him once over the month and found out a few specifics.   This project is more or less done.   It will change a bit, I expect, over the next couple of weeks.    I'd like to add a coat rack.   I  might add another plate for a friend.    Might add a person (although I generally don't add people).   If it changes, I will post a follow up.

One of the things I talked to him about was a favorite sports team. He's a hunter and likes to cook so I added a screen for a cooking show.  Their are a couple of cook books next to the chair.   One the wall is a picture of  a wild boar.   Several animals and a fish mounted.   An alligator next to his chair.   This project was fund and I am pleased with the way it looks. 

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The grandmommy said...

Very fitting. I can see how it must have been fun to do.