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Saturday, October 1, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 1 - Does your minatures look like this???

I have been doing miniatures for somewhat over 25 years.   Doing swaps for over 20 years.   I have tons of, and I mean oodles and gobs of miniatures.   They are so very hard to store and find when you need them.

At this point you are probably amazed that I can complete any miniature scene.    I have tried various methods of sorting and find that sometimes that doesn't always work.   

I work in two scales.   1/12 scale and 1/4 scale.    My first course of action was to separate the scales.   I found these neat little drawers at K-Mart.  My first step was to sort between scales.   This did a couple of things.   It got a lot of things out of drawers, off my desk, out of shoe boxes etc.

I have 4 drawers full - the first drawer is quarter scale KITS, the 2nd drawer is quarter scale completed projects, and the last two are 1/12 scale completed projects.  I rarely buy 1/12 Kits, so there is no drawer for that.

Lots of things off my desk and at least the first step has been taken.

Think about how you think of room boxes - are they by theme, by color, by period etc.   

Come back to tomorrow to see the next step..  


pulchinella's cellar said...

Yeah, that's how most miniaturists sort things! You are definitely not alone....
Marijke at Pulchinella's Cellar

Barb K said...

I feel right at home here. I spend as much time "organizing" as I do mini-ing!
Barb K