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Friday, October 7, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 7 - Preserving memories of Miniatures

Well, earlier this month I talked about the old question of What will happen to your things when you die questions.   Well, I'm not especially worried about that, but I am a bit concerned about what will happen to them when I am physically unable to do that.    Nearly all my miniatures are preserved by covers, lids, domes, etc.   You can't let them get covered in dust or you will spend hours cleaning them up.  

I know if I go to a smaller house, a nursing home (hopefully decades from now), my son's house etc... - I will be unable to take hundreds of miniatures.   I have been taking pictures of all my minis, generally for posting on my blog so I have been making photo albums.   I might want to take them with me; my son might want them to show his kids what his grandmother did in her spare time.   

The first album I did was after 2008 when I did the show displaying 26 miniature scenes at the Florida Keys Community College.   I was very flattered to be asked to do that show and happy that it went very well and I wanted to preserve that special feeling.

Well, sometime later, I decided each year should be documented.  

The first album - up to and including the show at the Community College.
 I slowed down a bit after the show so the next album covered two years.
 Two albums.   Take a look at the cover.   Generally it reflects my favorite piece from that year.

 Oh here is my street fair.   It's is 1/12 scale and made in an aquarium used as a coffee table.  LOVE IT.  
 More albums
 Look at the title for 2015.   You don't want to press 'purchase' too early.   I forgot the last couple months of 2014 in its album.

There are many companies that make photo album.   I use Shutterfly because I have really good luck with them.   The first album was 8x8 inch.   After that I changed to 12x12 inch albums.    Shutterfly has many sales - nearly every holiday has great discounts; most of the albums would qualify for free shipping.   I generally get an album done, review it a few times and wait for the next great sale.   (oops - apparently didn't do that with 2014).

I love them and enjoy looking thru them frequently.

See you tomorrow.

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