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Saturday, October 29, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 29 - Houses I love

If you've been following this month you will have noted that I do mostly room boxes with one or two rooms.  They are a particular theme.    I have dome some quarter scale homes.   They are very involved and also a Lot of Fun !!!!

Here are two of them.   First I did an Art Deco House.   I also did a Shotgun House in a very Key West Style.  Do you know what a shotgun house is???   It's a house that opens in the front and exits in the back in a straight line.   You could fire a shotgun in one door and it would go straight through to the exit.

Sorry, my corgi is leaning a little.   Must fix that.  

 I love the large kitchen for this art deco house.
 Lots of stuff in the house, including a piano.   Beer and snacks on the coffee table.   Cheers.
A  very nice master bedroom.  

 Really one of my favorite pieces is this Art Deco House.
 The front porch of the Shotgun house.
 Lots of rooms in this house.   Two bedrooms, big bath, dining room, kitchen, living room.

The back yard for entertaining.   A bar, grill and picnic table.  

Far side of the house has lots of palm trees of different types.    Very common in the keys.

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Steinworks said...

I like your dollhouse collection, Ive never made mini landscapes for my houses..maybe I should give it a try