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Monday, October 3, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 3 - Getting a handle on your miniatures

I have gone thru lots of different ways of sorting and storing miniatures.   Most work for awhile and then they run amuck again - Yet Again!!!!!  

1/12 items take up more room but plastic bags work very well for soft items. 

You can see that Rugs are in one bag, Pillows and bedding in another.   These items are soft, work well in the plastic bag and hand on a skirt hanger.   Easy to stay out of your way when you don't need them but oh so easy to find when you need, a rug for example.

Furniture items are better if you put them in shoe boxes.

 Now for quarter scale - they need more protection.  They are small and quite fragile.

Here is the current method I am using.

This container was available at Office Supply.   I like them but don't find that they stay shut as well a I'd like.

So I am in the process of moving to little plastic containers from lunch meat.

This basket holds 20 of these plastic containers.  Once they are labeled they will fit under my desk and close at hand for future projects.   Plastic is saved from a land fill and the basket is one of my many baskets.

It doesn't matter how you sort your items, but when sorted, it's easier to find when you have a need for it.   I'd love to hear how you sore your stash of minis.

Hope to see you tomorrow!!!!

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