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Saturday, October 15, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 15 - Christmas Themes - First Tree

For the next few days I will concentrate on the Christmas Theme.   When you read this it will be about 2 months until Christmas and maybe a little encouragement is headed your way.

When I joined my first miniature group, nearly 3 1/2  decades ago, one of the things I wanted to do was do a domed Christmas tree.   With the  experienced ladies in this group, they were inspired that I wanted to do it.   They found the pattern for the tree.   A dowel rod and lots of greenery.   Did that and then I was into decorating it.     

It was a piece that I fell in love with and I still pull it out every Christmas to share with friends and totally and completely enjoy looking at it. 

The tree is 1/12 scale and about 10 inches tall.   

This picture focuses on the paper rope chain lot kids do in school.   It is 36 inches long and took me over a week to make it.   Absolutely the most time consuming part of the project.   

Lots of toys and packages at the base of the tree.   It's going to be a very nice Christmas.

The little boat at the base was purchased in the St. Louis Airport and was made in Germany.   I paid a whopping 70 cents for it.  

Look at the tiny trucks next to the boy.    Lovely small trucks.

Come back tomorrow for more Christmas cheer.  

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