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Sunday, October 30, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 30 - Farm Houses

I absolutely love farm houses.   Have lived in one myself and loved it.   The following are two of my collection of houses.  

Another big house.     Big kitchen and living room.   I love the mantle with a glass front case on one side.   Lovely bedroom and nursery.

 Another look at the living room.   I love the gingham
 Beige is the color.   Side patio.   Look at the grill and umbrella table.  A fun place to hang out!!!!
 Another view of the side patio.
 Not much detail in the back, but a couple nice trees.
 The 2nd farm house is bigger and has a very full attic.    Attics are great places to store all those things that don't fit anywhere else.
 A animal theme to the bedroom.  Lots of animals and animal fabrics.

 Lots of great stuff on the porches.  
 See the red grill on the 2nd floor balcony.   I used the same grill on the other farmhouse.   They worked great and so much easier to make up a few grills at a time.
 I absolutely love the window boxes.  

As you can see, my house collection if well under my shop and room box collection.   I do like them, but so much more work goes into them.

Come back tomorrow and see my Hunter's Den Challenge.   

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