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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 19 - Toy shop in a clear paint can.

Well, I'm sure I've convinced you that I love miniatures and I love anything to do with Christmas and toys.    I found mention of these clear paint cans in one of the miniature groups that I belong to.   They come in gallon and quart sizes.   This is a 1/12 scale in a gallon can.

Well, of course I can explain.   

There are a lot of toys in this can.  There are some dolls bears, stuffed animals, etc.

The background is the front of a shopping bag.   I love all the boats, dolls, trucks, etc.   Such fun.  

A lot of toys were displayed on work bench that probably was intended for a garage workshop - oh well, I like it here.  

With the lid, the scene stays very good.   Might need to redo the poinsettia on the top, but it might clean up well this December.   Kids love this scene.   It is in 1/12 scale.

Come back tomorrow for more Christmas/Toy Scenes.  

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