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Thursday, October 13, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 13 - Bedroom 4

This is one scene that I actually utilized the color swaps.   Yellow !!!  Earlier this month I said that the 'color' swaps I used were rarely used because I didn't think that way.   Well, in this case I did.

The room is not exclusively yellow - but lots of yellow items.   The bedspread, dress on resident of the room, flowers, tea pot and a few other things.

The background shows a mirror on the wall and a coat rack on the clear wall.   Gives you much more reality.   When you see the coat rack, I don't think it presents itself as a rack on a clear wall, but on a wall.   Gives you much more insight into the room.  

Yellow towels with lots of ivory accessories.   Look close at the picture.   That is a miniaturized picture of my husband and I on our wedding day, 49+ years ago.  Make your scenes personal. 

Yellow roses, yellow tea set and a suit case filled with stuff for a trip.  

Close up of the suitcase.   Lots of really nice items in it including a passport.   Where or where is she going????

Doesn't she look good.   Clap the lid closed on the suitcase and she's off on her adventure.

Don't forget you can use other surfaces to hand things - see the picture on the headboard. 

Tomorrow - come back and see my newest bedroom.    I love decorating bedrooms.  

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Steinworks said...

everything is so pretty, I really like the yellow :)