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Friday, October 14, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 14 - New Bedroom, Number 5, Black & White

Well, another bedroom.   I wish I had this many bedrooms in my house.   I'd be in 7th heaven.  I've had my bed and side table for years as well as the chair.   I actually have three more pieces of black bedroom furniture, a mirror, a large dresser and a hutch.   I will use them, just don't know when and where.

Here's the bedroom finished or mostly finished.   It is decked out with elegant bedspread and pillows.   She is getting ready to go on an outside vacation.   Has jeans, and two shirts ready to go along with the great red and white sneakers.   Love the scarf and hat.   She still has to gather a back pack, but she needs to go shopping for one of those.  

Lid removed but mirror mounted on wall.   Add double stick tape and glue and it stays on very well.

She loves her outside clothes, bur loves the pearls on the one sweater.  

Side chair holds the purse and scarf.  Her dogie hates to see her go, but he will just pile up on the bed and stay there for the time she is gone.  

She is not using here good red luggage, just really needs a backpack.  

Side table has coffee, gloves, lamp and a picture of my son and daughter in law at their wedding reception.  

Hard to ge a good picture of them, coffee keeps reflecting the coffee cup.  
Don't you just love these shoes.   Me too!

Another view - still not a great view but getting better.  

Well, I'm out of bedrooms to decorate so I'll talk about themes.    Some themes don't seem to get old with me and I end up with lots of room scenes of them.   I take you through some of my favorites.  

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