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Monday, October 10, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 10 - I love bedroom decorating - Bedroom 1

I love to decorate shelves, table tops, rooms etc.   The room I like to decorate the most is a bedroom.   They can reflect particular images and they are personal.  

The following bedrooms are all 1/12 scale.  They are displayed in Pioneer Plastic's basketball display case.   Keeps the dust out and you can see from the top and 3 sides.

This is the oldest bedroom that I have done.   The theme is a of a business woman traveling for her job.   She is enjoying a really lovely trip, great room service, a little shopping and, although she misses her family, she does love her job.   Can't you tell from the room that she is one happy woman. 

This is the back panel of the plastic cube.   The painting on my wall is a miniaturized version of one of my original collages.   I love using my art work in my miniatures.  

Room service - Yippee!!   Shrimp, crackers, wine - all great.   

Oh my goodness.  Found the perfect suit, a leopard hap, fancy shoes and purse.   She can hardly wait to get home and wear this great outfit.  

I think I would like these shoes too and the purse too. 

A little better view of the suit, purse, and shoes.   You can just see the corner of the hat.  

Another view.   As you an tell, I like lots of stuff in my room settings.   The more to look at, the better I like it.  

Come back tomorrow and see the next bedroom!!!

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