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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 26 - Old Fashioned Toy Shop

One of the first workshops that I can remember doing was the miniature show by Molly Cromwell in Sarasota Florida.   I drove to Sarasota and didn't have a clue as to where I was going and I also didn't know anyone.   I signed up for Jill & Pat's class and met Carol, Ann, Shasha and a few others.   Attended this great workshop and was so very happy to become acquainted with some of the miniaturist in Florida.   I can't find my original photo so I had to redo these and they aren't my best work but I couldn't forget this toy shop.

Here is the outside.  A boy and his dog.   He really wants to go into the store.   This was done in a frame and I loved the outlook.   As you can tell by more recent projects, I now put a lot more stuff in my miniature scenes.   I must go through my stash and add more toys.  

Here is the front window.   I think more dolls and toys should be added. 

Look real close - see the mouse. 

Entrance way.   Need something hanging on the wall.   

He sure looks like he has found something he wants.  

This scene is 1/12 and there is a light in the shop and I love lighted shops.   Really a fun project that will probably be  plumped up with more toys.

The following pictures I could fine.   They are from the workshop weekend and they are the sample that Pat (in front) and Jill (in back) had for us to work from.   See, theirs is much fuller than mine.   That will have to be changed.   

I've taken several of their classes and look forward to my next opportunity to take their workshops.  

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