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Thursday, October 6, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 6 - catch up on projects

Well I promised an update yesterday so here goes.
HERE are all the projects up to and into 2008   That would be 26 projects

HERE are the projects during 2009 - up to 36 projects

HERE are the projects during 2010 - up to 62 projects

HERE are the projects during 2011 - up to 106 projects

HERE are the projects during 2012 - up to 129 projects

HERE are the projects during 2013 - up to 145 projects  144 on list plus two more projects that I forgot to mention.

On October 8, 2014 I listed 2014 projects.   You can see that HERE   That gets us to project 158.

Moving on to 2015.

Last year during National dollhouse Miniature Month we had a very sick dog that took away lots of time between trips to Miami and Marathon to see various vets etc.   Benny, the Jack Russell, is doing fine and I'm oh so happy.   He will be 12 early next year and he is doing great.

But first the last two months of 2014.   You have the Name House party Office 1 Inch scale, Number 159.

160 is the Name Day Pub
161 is the project that was teased that year and it was the Street Fair.
162 is a shop entitled "It's all about ME" for Mary Englebreit
163 is a large antique shop in a lantern.

Red Reading Room
 Fred Cobbs Antique Shop
 Blue & White Store Front
 Get your Buzz On Liquor Shop
Main Street Civic Center
 Raggedy Ann Cake Dome QS
 2nd Raggedy Ann Cake Dome
 Beach House
 Second Hand Rose
 Two QS Gift Boxes

 The Enchanted Child
 Two Shops

In 2015 we start out with
164 Red Reading Room
165 Fred Cobbs Antique Shed
166 Blue and White Porcelain Storefront
167 Get your Buzz on Liquor Shop
168 Main Street Civic Center
169 & 170 - Mini Cake Domes decorated in Raggedy Ann & Andy Theme
171 - Beach House
172 - Second Hand Rose Antique Shop
173 & 174 - QS gift boxes for gifts
175 The Enchanted Child
176 - June & Jewels
177 - The Gypsy Palace

Raggedy Ann Decorating Shop
 Nautical Shop
 Raggedy Ann Guest Room
 Raggedy Andy Guest Room
 Barbie Hutch Re-purposed
 Christmas market

In 2016 we continue with
178 Raggedy Kingdom Decorating Shop
179 Nautical Shop Window
180 Raggedy Ann Guest Room
181 Raggedy Andy Guest Room
182 Barbie Hutch re-purposed
183 Christmas Market Stall

Lots of Projects.   Tomorrow we will deal with preserving for the future.

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