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Friday, April 7, 2017

Art an Soul - Day 6

Today should be a fun Day.   I've wanted to take Clarissa Callesen's classes for several years.   Once I was signed up for one and  it was cancelled due to health issues with the  instructor.   Today it should be a go - hopefully.   I'm taking Magical Spirits.  You totally make over an old porcelain doll.  She said the uglier the better.   Hard to think of a porcelain doll as ugly, but I have one that is not real cute.   We'll see how it turns out.   This is what I am starting with.    Not exactly ugly, but not cute without her clothes.   We'll see how she turns out.

This was one of the most fun classes that I've attended in a long.   - long time.   Lots of painting, blow torching, redoing skin, clothes, features - just a whole new doll. 
  These pictures are of the instructors dolls.   The purple/blue doll is my favorite. 


This is as far as I got on my doll.   Skin redone, face repainted. Clothing made for it.   Still more layers needed to be added.   Hair - need to make a lot more hair.   I have rust toned hair to finish.   It was great fun and I think I have found a new fun thing to do with old dolls.

Tonight is a vendor night and I will be going.   Hopefully I can remember that I am flying home and don't have room to buy much.   We'll see.   

Just one more day.  Tomorrow I am taking Abstracted Trees and in the evening a class on stencils.   I love stencils and really don't know too much about how to use them or how to make them.   Maybe I will come away knowing all this stuff.  

See you tomorrow.   

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