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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Art and Soul-Day 5

I've been up a little while and finished my Watercolor Pencil piece.   

      Almost finished 
  Finished!!!   Doesn't take much highlighting to give a whole different look.

I am excited to get back to Wonky Grids.  Should be fun to see it work out!   

The most difficult part of doing abstract anything is WHEN ARE YOU DONE WITH IT!     We spent some time on that today.   I have several UNFINISHED PIECES AND a few that are either done or very close.

 Almost done.

   Not close!

 All had something added or deleted and close to being done.   Will let them sit for awhile and finish them at home.

The evening class was by Brenda Mattson and was entitled Creating The Perfect Steampunk.   LOVED IT!!!!!

 First Piece and absolutely loved the necklace.

 Second piece.  A great thing to learn how to make.   Can't believe I am going home with 3 new necklaces.   Today's two and the Geode Piece from early in the week.

Tomorrow I take an old porcelain doll and make an art doll.   Come back.  

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