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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Art and Soul - Day 3

My Key West clock is adjusting.   Was able to stay up last night and catch up on two on-demand tv shows I had missed.   Still up early, but one gets so much more done when you are up early.

Well, I think in a few minutes I will start turning over the gingham backing to make the finished edge on my wall hanging.  See day 2.     These things come to me during the night and I will pin it on and when I have a few minutes I will work on it.   Might even be done before I get home.

On to Day 3 and I'm taking a class called OVER THE MOON.   Don't you love that title.  I did.  Here's the description:  "Create a geode-like moonscape named pendant necklace that's out of this world!"   Then it goes on to "Each student will learn basis torch enameling (map gas), metal-working skills, cold-connecting and soldering techniques. ".    Sounds like fun and also a little scary.   Oh well, one is never too old to learn new things.   I love these classes.   

It was a very involved class but I am really happy with the results.   It was an all day class taught by Jean VanBrederode.     

 Jean showing us how to use the map gas.  

One picture of the top piece and the backing.   Middle picture is welding the bale for threading thr necklace thru it and the backing. 

The darkened piece has been soaking in a liquid to darken the copper.   The finished piece with silver glitter in th base.   The 3rd piece was before it was attached.   Fun doing this. But --- it goes very fast and is a bit scary. I 

      Don't you love my new image .  Signs, necklaces and my big - repeat big - Iris Apfel type glasses.   Got lots of compliments on them.   

Great day.   A woman I met two years ago is here and we're having dinner together later.   Her name is Raven and she is very talented.   we're taking a couple more classes together.   Tomorrow is "wonky grids" and it should be fun.  A little out of my comfort zone - but that is so much of the reason for attending classes like this.     See you tomorrow ..

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