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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Art and Soul - Day 4

Day 4 of Art and Soul kicks off in a couple of hours.    I really had a great day yesterday.    I really love the finished necklace.   If you missed it, here is a 


Today is Wonky Grids:   An Exploration of Abstract Composition.    In the details it says".  The Wonky Grid is a great format for exploring issues of composition:  Contrast, scale, focal area, visual weight, movement, etc.  It is also a really fun means of personal expression."

Today and tomorrow I am going for broke on classes.   Tonight I take an evening class on Watercolor Pencil Journaling.   I love watercolor pencils but unfortunately don't use them too much.   Maybe that will change.  

Last night, Raven and I had dinner.  It was a good time to share art pursuits and the general state of our lives and the world.   Amazing how many issues you can discuss over dinner with a glass or two of wine.   Raven and I met a couple of years ago in a collage class.   She is very talented.  

One of the things I love about Art and Soul is the enthusiasm that just bubbles over!!!!!!   Not only from instructors but from the attendees.   

Jane Davies teaches the class.   I've seen several of her videos and they are very good.   Her classes always sell out.   That means about 25 people were in the class.     The title of the class was wonky grids so everything is based on a grid background.   You either start with a painted surface or a collage surface and add to it.   You add paint to the collage surface or collage to the painted surface

        First we had to make our own collage papers.

Then we had to do the background on either. 6 or 8 and I chose 6.

 Only 5 in this picture, but trust me - I did 6.   It is probably buried under the other.

Then we had to do two more in neutrals and one with a little drama,  


The last two were at the bottom of the picture.   NONE andI repeat NONE of these are even close to being done.   That will happen tomorrow (I hope).

Day class down and off to get ready for the evening class.  Helen Garcia  taught a 3 hour class entitled Watercolor Pencil Journaling.   Such Fun!!!

 These two are the instructor's creations.

Here's mine!!!

 A little highlighting with black ink pen and it will be done.   Started an owl too but it's not done yet.

Very fun class.   Very good instructor.   I love watercolor pencils and this taught me a lot more about them.

Tomorrow is to finish up the Wonky Grid class and then in the evening I am taking a steampunk jewelry class in the evening.   That should be much fun too.

Now I am POOPED and plan on getting a good night class.   See you tomorrow.  

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