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Monday, April 3, 2017

Art and Soul - Day 2 - Create Batik Art Quilt

Well, it's cold here.  Ron is home in Key West and it is 80 degrees - only 38 in Portland.   Sure glad I am intending to stay in classes and not freeze to

I am going to make a quilt wall hanging today.  Or at least try to make a quilt wall hanging today.   I just found out that there are only 3 people in the class and that's a good thing for me, but not too good for the instructor.  I was working on how I wanted it layed out this morning.   I couldn't sleep because I was still on Key West time. Called Ron at 7 am, 4 am here.   

   I like the 2nd layout better.   Little areas surrounded by bigger area.   Unless I run into a problem, that is probably what I'll try.  Here are the two batik pieces I can choose from. Bought them a couple of years ago at another art and soul and didn't know what I was going to do with them, but we'll see today.   
 Probably like the brighter colored one the most but we will see how that works out.  
Judy Gula was the instructor and she had several others I could choose from,but I stayed with the bright colored one.   I have a strong feeling that a project either needs to be done or finishable when I take a class.   A project that needs a lot of work when you get home often winds up on a shelf and not done.   

                                 These are two examples the teacher did and they are quilt tops.   They are lovely!!!!

         Decided to go with bright colors.   Made a strip of various colors and used it on the side and on th bottom.   Used blocks of color on the left side and top.  
   The last picture shows my 'free form' quilting around edges.   I didn't finish the binding because I don't know if I want to use the gingham or get somethime else.   It is not a difficult task at this part so it certainly is finishable.   

There ended up being 5 people in the classs.   Bernina supplies brand new sewing machines for the classes to use.   Really nice machines.   We each had our own machine to use.  

Great class and lots of fun!!!   No more classes for me today.   Tomorrow is a jewelry class.   Come back and check it out.   

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