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Thursday, February 20, 2014

QS Lighthouse interior

Last week I posted my Lighthouse.   It is quarter scale and made in a oatmeal box.    Lighthouses can be about any size and shape and can be made for housing the light keeper to just a tower with a ladder inside.    I wanted my light keeper to live there.  

You can see the original posting HERE

Since my lighthouse isn't partitioned off in rooms, the large spaces are multi purposed.   The upstairs is a bedroom and work area with the light keeper's desk.    Downstairs is the living room including the kitchen.   You will note that the kitchen doesn't have a sink for doing dirty dishes, but it will very shortly. 


 This is the lower level with a stone floor - Could get waves spilling in from time to time.   Small kitchen with table for a meal and a very comfortable couch and chair.   The lighthouse pictures, the bed, the chair and the plate shelf were received in swaps.   The table is one I made for a swap.   

The bedroom should be comfortable and functional.   Nice comfortable bed with a comfortable chair.   The light keeper has a nice desk to keep records.


Both floors pictured together 

The full lighthouse. 
The picture below shows the rooms with the lights on. 

Since I last posted pictures, my computer had some very major problems and I couldn't get to my documents or pictures.   I think it is fixed now.   Keep your fingers crossed for me.  

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Steinworks said...

I love it, it's a great little light house :)