Re-exploring Key West

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Signs, Signs and more Signs

Recently I attended a miniature show and workshops in Orlando.  One of the course I was going to take was Connie Reagan's sign class.    We had exchanged several emails and I told her a sign or two I would be interested in.   To make a long story short, she was unable to come to Florida due to health issues.   She gave me several choices including her sending me completed signs.   Well, I'm kinda a do-it-yourself girl so she sent me the signs along with another project that I ordered from her.   This week I decided I would just do the signs.   Stay tuned for the other project. 

I hope you enjoy these signs.

The Rusty Anchor is one of my favorite restaurants in Key West.   When I was talking to Connie about these signs I told her one that had that name on it would be fun.   It was.  

This works into a 3 shop corner scene that I am going to do. 

Don't know what I am going to do with this one exactly but I bet I figure out something.  

I ended up doing 8 signs and I love them all.
The Beacon is also a sign I requested -  I told her a lighthouse would be nice.   I love it.  
Connie is teaching at the Lakeland Miniature Guild Show in June and she can be contacted at


Diane said...

Love the signs! Especially the Rusty Anchor. I live about 8 hours
from Key West and hope to visit it someday

Steinworks said...

your signs are wonderful, I love the rusty anchor it's my favorite