Re-exploring Key West

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cupcake Bakery Shop Quarter Scale

Some projects seem so exciting and then they linger and linger and l-i-n-g-e-r.    My cupcake shop was one of those.    I purchased this container about 2 years ago with my friend Barb K.   She bought one too and guess what - hers had a case of the lingers too.   She recently took the KW Express from Ft. Myers to Key west and we had a day and half to talk, play tourist and work on minis.   She brought her cupcake too and great progress was made by both of us.   It goes to show that one doesn't finish anything without STARTING something.
After talking and discussing how we would do a wall and an opening we got windows cut in the container.
This is the container.   Such a sweet cupcake.  You wouldn't think I would let it lay around the house for 2 years. 
Here is the inside after wallpaper and flooring.   A test layout of furniture.   I added a little flat wall in   the back so it would hang things easily.
Okay - it needed to be lighted. Makes everything look so much better.   Here is a test run.   Wasn't spectacular way to light but confirmed it would be lighted. 
See the little light - its mounted in a clear piece of Plexiglas.   Easy to cut and easy to put a hole in it.   Mounts the light just where I wanted it. 
Another view of the light.
Furnishings.   Two pastry display cases - a long counter, two tables 6 chairs, a rug and 4 pictures for the walls.  Long counter is highlighted with pink paper trim. 
Everything in place.   It has Plexiglas over the hole to keep dust out. 
Here is the almost  final view. 
Final view. 


Steinworks said...

it's so cute! I love the lights and the tiny furniture!


Ruthi said...

What a wonderful, creative concept you've come up with. I love it.


Preble said...

excellent job - very cute - love the creative use of the lighting and its holder