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Thursday, February 13, 2014

QS Lighthouse Challenge

As you know I belong to several miniature swap groups.   I love them and always have quite a stash to work from when completing a scene.   Swap Shop decided we would do a lighthouse in any scale and I chose quarter scale.   I decided to make it out of an oatmeal container.   A lighthouse should be practical, with a desk, a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen to name only a few of the spots.  

This lighthouse top came as a protector for something that was encased in the Styrofoam shape.   The minute I saw it, I thought "LIGHTHOUSE".   I also decided it could and should be lighted.  

Today I am showing you the lighthouse - later, I will show you the finished lighthouse.

This is the lighthouse - without the lights on.

Here is the lighthouse  from the side.  The light on top is on to protect ships.    Made a ladder for the attendant to get to the light on top with a small balcony for the attendant to get a good view of the ocean. 

Here the interior is lighted. 
Stay tuned for a finished lighthouse. 

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Steinworks said...

that's quite clever! how did you come up with the final size of the lighthouse?