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Friday, February 14, 2014

QS Accessories

I believe accessories can either make or break a scene.   I like to have a lot of accessories in my stash to make finishing a scene quick and easy.
Today I took a class by Sally Manwell for a shelf filled - repeat filled - with accessories.     This little shelf has a basket, two pictures, locked box, lamp, flower arrangement, mounted shell, boxes, bottles and books.  
The details were wonderful and the class was great fun.   We worked and laughed for hours.   It was really fun.  
The table that follows is the first class I took from Sally.   This little table has everything you need to make the baked goods on the table. 
Although I don't know where I will use the shelf of accessories, I used the table in my Art Deco House and you can see that HERE



The grandmommy said...

I like both projects. They are so teeny tiny! lol

Raggedy Kingdom said...

They are tiny. You'd have no idea how many pieces I lose when the fall off the work table.

Steinworks said...

I like both projects too thank you so much for sharing them :)