Re-exploring Key West

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

National Dollhouse Miniature Month- Day 5 - Bed Room

I love red and sometimes a color inspires a room. This one was inspired by the red flowered fabric. I bought it years ago and always thought it would be great for a miniature room. The bed, once assembled, was the perfect setting. After adding accessories, more furniture, etc., it turned out to be a nice bedroom. In Key West, you can't have anything that isn't covered, the dust is too damaging to the minis, so I covered it in a basketball display case made by Pioneer Plastics. The room still needs some wall decoration, but I haven't found just the right thing.

Don't you love the red nightgown.

Sweet Dreams.


Lainie's Little Things said...

Very nice. Makes me want to get a comforter like that for my RL bed! So pretty. Great idea with the basketball display case. We have a lot of dust here in Texas too.

JKW said...

I came for the Rooster party (yep, late getting to everyone) and love the miniature doll houses. The 'city' and the napkin ring was something else. Thank you for sharing - didn't realize it was in Sarasota, so close. Blessings, Janet

Seane Evan said...

Loving the red! I could picture a red rose wall decoration above the bed on the wall, and a red-gem chandelier, too. Very inspiring!