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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Raggedy Ann Turns 100 - Hearts & Lace Cottage improved

Way back in January 2011, I posted my Completion of an Unfinished Project Here   Now to look at it, you'd think it was totally done and in some aspects it is.   Just when a room is done, doesn't generally stop us from adding to it.   My miniatures are the same way.  
This was the picture included in my original post.   It looks finished.   A nicely furnished room, a nice back yard.   Well, I have looked at this little scene for over 2 years and always thought it was missing something.  
 A gift bag added to the upstairs scene.  
The picnic table with cloth added and a large bowl of spaghetti, Parmesan cheese, plates, cutting board with loaf of bread and ice bucket, wine and 2 glasses.    Also look at the little Jack Russell.   Now it seems more like a home.  

 A better view of the table. 
 A better view of the dog. 

I expect Ann and Andy will have a lovely evening. 

Let me know if you like the addition. 


Fabiola said...

Your cottage is very nice. I like the furniture and the dog in the garden.

Steinworks said...

I think the dog adds a lot to the scene and dont worry once a scene is done you will always find something else to put into it


The grandmommy said...

Yes, you made it look "lived in." But, a mini is never finished. Wonder what will be added/changed next??? :-)