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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Raggedy Ann Turns 100 - July OMB - Raggedy Ann & Andy Project

When I was at the Lakeland Show, my friend Susan Wener, asked me if I saw this kit.   Well, I hadn't so her helper showed me which booth was selling it.   Well, I would be the first to know that I didn't need any more kits of any kind - way too many to still finish up.   That logic didn't phase me at all.   What would one more little quarter scale kit mean.   Wouldn't take up too much space and wasn't too expensive.  
Well, a box of parts.   Gee what fun!!!

When it has 'July' in the title, how can I not do it for the JULY OMB project.   Please don't tell me what shops are for the other months of the year.    I can resist anything but temptation. 
 I love the little rocking horse and RA in the wagon in the attic. 

 Lot of plates, mirrors, clocks and other RA things.  The little table was from Ruth G.   in a swap. 

 Aren't these little guys cute!!!!   Found them at the Lakeland show. 

 The little shop fits in a dust proof plastic container.   Always another good feature!     If you'd like to see all posts as soon as they are available, sign up as a follower and a follower that is notified by email when it's available.   I love my followers!!!!


The grandmommy said...

I love those little dolls!

CA Verstraete said...

Very cute.I'm not into 1/4" much but that one is tempting! In Miniature Style II