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Friday, September 9, 2016

What do you do with an extra bead????

I love beads and have lots but then I ran across some projects on Pinterest and I didn't have the right ones so I did what any good crafter would do, I bought MORE!!!!!

I wanted a sort of Boho necklace.   I have the beads done TENTATIVELY.    I am awaiting another package with some wood beads that might have to be added and it's easier to just wait than to restring the beads totally.   

I like this and I have lots of turquoise and red clothes and I think this will go well with either.  One string had one really fancy bead.   Well I loved the bead but since I had my centerpiece bead on the necklace, I decided to make a pendant.

The big bead really caught my fancy and the little extra beads were just in my assortment.   Really like this.   Now my husband says "do you have enough necklaces yet?" when I add another one to my collection.   My answer is "ALMOST ENOUGH".   That answer shall keep me going for a very long, long time.  

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