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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Finished boxes

I love boxes and have LOTS of them.   I also have lots of boxes that will need to be finished someway and I will keep you posted on how that project is coming along.   I had 3 unfinished wood boxes and needed to get them in usable shape.    Some of you might know that I am sitting out some miniature swaps this fall to get caught up on all those other things that need to be done.   Either I am slowing down or have too many projects.   I'm voting on the later.   

I have seen boxes covered with polymer clay and thought I would use that approach to enrich these boxes.   I used the leftovers on the polymer clay and some gold rub on glaze.   I am very happy with the results.   

I think the 3 of them will look good together on a dresser.    Your  thoughts?  

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