Re-exploring Key West

Sunday, August 13, 2017

When Oh When is the collage finished?

In 2016 I went to Portland and took a class by Susan Schenk about collaging a bird.  Well my bird was a rooster.   I did this great rooster mounted on a map.  The beak was pointed at KeyWest.  Well, I loved it -- or so I thought.  Bought a new mat and frame, I decided it wasn't quite ready.   Well 18 months later I decided to take a chance and altered it.

Well here was the first version.

It looks like the picture I used as a model.  Technique was perfect but oh so boring

A little extra red paper, a longer beak  and more tail  feathers, I have one that is truly loved and framed and on my wall.  

He looks quite cocky!

My rooster wall!   

Remember it's okay to change your mind!

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