Re-exploring Key West

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Re-exploring your town - August 2017 - The Harry S Truman Little White House

President Truman loved Key West.   He came 11 times during his presidency.   Amazing that his wife and daughter only came 4 times during the same period of time.  Perhaps it was the poker table that attracted  him to the Island.   

Unfortunately you can't take pictures in the Little White House - dignitaries still stay there occasionally and it is a security risk to let everyone take pictures.   I actually worked there as a tour guide in 1995.   When I quit that, my husband did it.   We both enjoyed it!!!   

Who can forget this headline.   He wasn't expected to win - but he did.   

Even if you can't take pictures inside, you can take them outside.

Margaret too!   

They have a really good gift shop of political and presidential things.   Might want to check it out for Christmas gifts.

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