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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meeting another Raggedy Collector

Our lives are intertwined with many people who remain strangers because of distance. I started subscribing to Rags many years ago and also participated in an on-line Raggedy Ann & Andy group. The name Edie Walsh keep cropping up. Our conversations were always on-line and were about Raggedies. The first extensive conversation we had concerned a miniature room setting I had created and she asked where I obtained some of the pieces. I packed up a little box of minis and sent them to her. Later I got an envelope with a picture of her miniature room plus some items for my room. Later we started exchanging ATC (Artists Trading Cards) and it was a very pleasant activity. Recently I received an email from Edie saying she and her husband were going to be on a Cruise that had a stop in Key West and if possible could we meet and, if possible, she would love to see my Raggedies .
Absolutely - I told her my Raggedies were looking forward to meeting her. When she arrived in Key West, I picked her up and gave her the cook’s tour of Key West on the way to my home. It is always fun to share your collectibles and especially with someone who loves the same things. After seeing my raggedies and many of my room boxes, I had to take her back downtown to meet up with others in her party on the cruise. Edie is now so much more than someone who’s name appears in a magazine or on the back of an ATC.

Edie has a great traveling Raggedy which she showed me (now why don't I have one of those) that will be enjoying the cruise with her.

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Elinor said...

What a thrill to see this post this morning! I loved seeing some of your Raggedy miniatures -WOW! I know Edie loved every minute of her visit with you. Thanks so much for sharing.

Raggedy smiles from another Kansan,